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“Line by line, Radha cuts her own way toward understanding the deep story she is in, a story we all share.” –William S. Barnes, The Ledgerbook


I started writing on my mom’s Hermes 3000 typewriter when I was seven.

Since then, I have made it my life’s work to tap language’s power to unite hearts and minds, whether through writing poems or by being a voice for innovation in health, environment, and business.   

William Carlos Williams famously said, “It is difficult to get the news from poems yet men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there.” Although that statement is dramatic, I do believe that poetry percolates hope and encourages resilience. I’ve witnessed poetry’s healing qualities in every class I’ve ever taught. Poetry is connective, empathy building, and enlivening. It is a welcome counterpoint to the fast and painfully reductive thinking so common to our times. Writing poems helps us embrace the fluid, paradoxical nature of living, to find insight on the grandest scales and in the simplest details. For those reasons, I take a poet’s mindset into everything I do.  

Why Poetry

“Poetry is connective, empathy building, and enlivening. It is a welcome counterpoint to the fast and painfully reductive thinking so common to our times.”


Winner, New Mexico Book Award in Poetry


“Bloodline is a mesmerizing, intelligent book, full of beauty, science, and ancestry.” –Michael Henry 

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Praise for Bloodline

  • “Bloodline succeeds admirably in beginning to answer the question posed in ‘Project Y’: ‘What can I say to my children / when they find hollow, underground test chambers / in the dry, open spaces of their personal history?’”–New Mexico Magazine 

    Peter BG Shoemaker
    New Mexico Magazine
  • “The legacy of Los Alamos is a rich and challenging subject; by setting it opposite a meditation on desert landscapes, on people in those spaces, Marcum has opened a new window into intractable questions about who we are and what we have done.” –Terrain.org 

    Amy Knight
  • “Fusion, fission, breakability, unbreakability, incorruptibility are all themes that the poet works into her lines. This beautiful poetry bears witness without being didactic or overtly political—and its message is clear.” –Poet Lore 

    Anne Harding Woodworth
    Poet Lore

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