Strategy + Planning


Focused content marketing plans

Targeted content marketing is one of the most effective ways to create meaningful interaction with your client or customer. By consistently engaging your target audience, it directly improves sales.

And yet, like so many businesses that I’ve worked with, are you …

  • Reevaluating your investment in traditional marketing?
  • Aren’t sure you are reaching the right audiences with the right messages?
  • Growing so fast that your business is reaching all new markets—but your marketing has yet to catch up?
  • At a crisis point with your business’s identity or voice? Grasping for solutions to unify and amplify the message you are sending to your audience?
  • Working with tight resources? Want to use time and budget most effectively?

Create a CONTENT STRATEGY that builds sales for your business.

This three-step process is designed for busy leaders who know that the best content marketing strategy requires 100% focus. I empower you to succeed over the long term, without being locked into a long-term service plan. Translation: I am 100 percent focused on your business’s goals. You’ll reach your marketing and sales goals faster, with less budget spent and less time wasted.