Strategy circles for businesses


Content marketing training for independent businesses

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to create meaningful interaction with your client or customer. By actively engaging your audience, it directly improves sales.

And yet, like so many businesses that I’ve worked with, are you …

  • Overwhelmed by all of the possibilities?
  • Confused about how to plan content effectively to get tangible $$ results?
  • Bored or uncomfortable with your messaging because it doesn’t represent the real you, your true business mission?
  • Frustrated by results? Have attended classes or seminars on blogging, SEO, or social media but are still confused about how to put it all together?
  • Growing so fast that your business is reaching all new markets—but your marketing has yet to catch up?
  • At a crisis point with your business’s identity or voice? Grasping for solutions to unify and amplify the message you are sending to the world?


Fall 2014 Strategy Circles start September 12th! Sign up here.

Sign up here.


Each content strategy circle offers an intensive process with long-term results. These programs are designed for busy directors and leaders of small-to-medium sized businesses who prefer to be empowered to make content marketing decisions for the business, rather than relying on providers who may be motivated to keep you locked into their services indefinitely. Translation: You reach your $$ goals faster, with less $$ and less time wasted.