Praise from Verde PR and Consulting

“From my very first introductory phone call with Radha, she exhibited a personalized attentive, detail-oriented approach to her consulting project for my company, Verde Brand Communications. Radha was hired to essentially audit one of our under-performing divisions and tasked to create counsel for us to drive the division to a sustainable, consistent growth pattern going forward. She was able to draw on her depth of editorial management skills, which included budgeting, personnel and an innate understanding of our core markets and clients. Perhaps the most important facet of Radha’s support was her capabilities to listen and to communicate. She worked with several levels of employees within my company in a very approachable manner and also communicated back to me very effectively, clearly and consistently about her counsel and the implementation of it.

I would highly recommend Radha and will very likely hire her again.”

–Kristin Carpenter-Ogden, CEO/Founder, Verde PR and Consulting