Write With Me

Join me for craft seminars and workshops at Lighthouse Writers Workshop, coaching sessions, and drop-in virtual writing classes.


The Poets Circle @ Poet to Poet

a private community for poets

Meets: Twice monthly / virtual

1st Wednesday, 6-7pm MT
3rd Wednesday, 12-1pm MT

Open to all poets curious about poetic process and developing a book.

Join The Poets Circle for twice monthly conversations on the nuts and bolts of poetry-book development and the big questions that background our process, such as: How do we develop poetic voice? Is a thematic approach to writing helpful or harmful? How much should we consider audience when we write? Plus, live Q&As with guest authors.


Complete Manuscript Course @ Poet to Poet

Meets: 3 months

Starting January 2023

Build focus and confidence in the process of developing a stand-out poetry manuscript. Designed for poets ready to assemble collections, this 3-month course meets twice monthly for interactive sessions* that explore key strategies for book development. We’ll learn from contemporary examples and apply practical insights to our own work, including: 

  1. Unifying principles (voice & themes)
  2. Organizing and assembling your collection (book structure, sections, and poem order)
  3. Preparing your manuscript for submission (formatting, bios/cover letters, and selecting publishers) (2 classes)

Poetry at Lighthouse Writers Workshop

At Lighthouse Writers Workshop, I teach workshops and seminars that emphasize a playful approach to form and technique, integrating the practice of poetry with close reading and workshop skills. Recent classes include Advanced Poetry Workshop, The Art of Accumulation, Poetry Workshop, Poetry 101, Poetry and Paradox, Poems from Visual Art, and Mapping Territory: Organizing Your Poetry Manuscript.

Revisionary Workshop

Meets: 6 weeks per session / virtual 

Tuesdays, 1pm-3pm MST / contact Radha for upcoming dates

Open to returning students, by permission. The Revisionary Workshop is a warm, collaborative space in which to evolve your poems. Over the six weeks, you’ll have multiple opportunities to present poems for focused feedback that will help you actualize the potential already present in your work. We’ll discuss how a variety of contemporary poets approach poem development and explore ways to personalize your own revision process—from considerations of craft to habits that help you sustain poetic practice. Limited to five participants. $325

Student Feedback

  • “I can’t thank you enough for another great class series.  Everything about the class was great and your class is the hour I look forward to most each week!” 

    Drop-in Class Regular
  • “This was one of the best and most helpful classes I have taken. It was well organized, with helpful details and great examples. Filled me with ideas and spurred me on. Thank you, Radha.”

    Lighthouse Student
  • “Excellent class! It covered very important material—and Radha is an intelligent, intuitive instructor. I wish we could have more course offerings from her!”

    Lighthouse Student